KIRSH Helmets CHM-1 Metallic Blue Limited Edition. Available only through December 2020.
Please note weight is total box weight including all literature. Individual helmet weight is approximately 3.6lbs.

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Weight: 3.6lbs

Introducing Jason Kirshon’s CHM-1: A lean, tough, stylish, cool, and safer motorcycle helmet. Every detail of the KIRSH (Kinetic Impact Reactive Safety Helmet) motorcycle helmet has been engineered with you in mind, from the outer shell that is more resistant to environmental degradation, to the high-tensile-strength, military-grade strap material selected for maximum comfort and quick-release clip (who wants to fuss with a stubborn clip?), to the light-weight foam pegs (created from advanced lightweight and breathable materials), to many popular colors offered.

From the first moment you “PUT YOUR KIRSH ON” you will FEEL the difference. The primary feature of the helmet is the patented technology in the Fluid Displacement Liner (FDL), which provides the superior safety features in the motorcycle helmet. This revolutionary technology provides KIRSH with a significant competitive advantage in the industry. Advanced materials and unique design provides durability and strength that, in turn, provides greater comfort. This smaller helmet brings the center of mass close to the skull and eliminates the majority of wind-drag coefficient and provides the rider with the smoothest riding experience. Our unique silicone fluid casing acts as a conductor that pulls heat off the head, leaving no need for ventilation. Our unique fluid displacement liner conforms particularly to the individual rider’s head for extreme comfort and cooling feel. Our most popular color is the matte black!

Please note weight shown in ADDITIONAL INFO is total package weight and box size. Actual Helmet weight is 3.6lbs.

KIRSH Helmets CHM-1 Metallic Blue Limited Edition. Available only through December 2020.
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