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The toughest, smallest, low profile DOT approved helmet in the world... Put your KIRSH on!


The mission of KIRSH Helmets is to make the best American made motorcycle helmet that offers superior features, and above all, provides the highest level of safety.

KIRSH Helmets, a member of the Impact Technologies family of companies, is an American-made Helmet Company. Our unique technology brings together Style, Safety, Comfort, and Improved Performance. Avid motorcyclist, Jason Kirshon knows what he likes in a helmet.

"The style, the performance and the comfort," according to Kirshon.

For Kirshon, the helmets made today just don't cut it. He said they're either too big or don't offer enough protection. So years ago, the Lake George native set off on a mission to create the perfect helmet. "I turned my kitchen into prototype central," he said. After six long years of research and development, Kirshon said he has made a helmet safer than anyone he has ever seen.

The helmet called "Kinetic Impact Reactive Safety Helmet" uses patented silicone technology to reduce impacts during crashes. It's lighter and smaller than most other helmets. Kirshon hopes that it will change the motorcycle industry forever. He says, "we've surpassed all of the industry standards on testing, so we're far and away a safer helmet." 

Kirshon says the technology can also be used in any impact product, such as football and baseball helmets. He's presented his invention to the NFL. Kirshon said the KIRSH Helmet is completely American-made with most production and materials in the Capital Region of New York State

"There's Silicon Valley in California, but there's silicone here in Schenectady," Kirshon said. It's that silicone, Kirshon said, that will soon be saving lives around the world.

Our Vision:  KIRSH Helmets envisions itself to be in the top three of every helmet

category that we develop and launch. We will strive to provide best-in-class safety and quality

products in all different lines and configurations.

Why We Do What We Do...

“75% of all fatal motorcycle accidents globally involve brain injury, with rotational forces acting on the brain being the primary cause of death.”–NHTSA​​​​​​​  A diffuse axonal injury can be caused by shaking or strong rotation of the head, or by rotational forces, such as with a car accident. Injury occurs because the unmoving brain lags behind the movement of the skull, causing brain structures to tear. There are more than 1,200 deaths in the United States annually that would be considered preventable involving poor quality half shell helmets. The effort of KIRSH Helmets is to work to eliminate this statistic by bringing a safer helmet to the marketplace for these riders. 


What is the FDL?

KIRSH’s innovative liner features the patented technology that offers an impressive display of versatility, at both low-and- high-energy impacts, from any direction at any one point in time. The half inch liner is produced by a robot that systematically pours the exact amount of chemistry grade silicone onto a top and bottom liner mold that has been fitted for the helmet.

Once the mold is poured, it is clamped together and set aside for cooling. Once the liner is tested and cooled, it is packaged and shipped to the final assembly location. Foam pegs and a moisture wicking material foam topper are shipped to final assembly that is used to attach the liner to the helmet. The moisture wicking foam topper is glued to each of twenty-seven foam pegs then plugged into the liner and attached to the helmet.

How much the KIRSH Helmet Cost?

The helmet current retails $245 US Dollars plus shipping.

Are there special cleaning instructions for the CHM-1?

Yes. Cleaning your helmet may be damaging to the product and render its use ineffective. Petroleum and petrochemical products, cleaning agents, paints, adhesives may cause damage that is not visible. For complete cleaning details see CLEANING below under Information. Cleaning details are also included with each helmet.

What kind of warranty does KIRSH Helmets offer?

Please see WARRANTIES below.

What is the KIRSH Helmets return policy

Please see RETURNS POLICY below under Information.

Does the KIRSH helmet come in other colors?

Yes. We currently offer a wide range of colors to suit your STLYE.

Currently we offer: Matte Black (our most popular), Gloss Black, Red, Blue, White, Silver, Graphite and Green.

Can I get a custom shell graphic design?

Our designers can work with you to develop a unique custom shell graphic that is just right for you. Please send us an email describing the details of what you are looking for.

What We Do:

KIRSH Helmets manufactures and produces motor vehicle crash helmets. The helmet is the only helmet that is entirely produced in America. KIRSH’s helmet design, granted, in part, by a perpetual license from Impact Technologies, is more efficient at handling kinetic energy that is created in motor vehicle accidents, while reducing rotational acceleration than any other motor vehicle crash helmet. The liner is formed from a mixture of medical grade silicones that is later injected with a non-toxic antifreeze propylene glycol and added to the top and bottom layer of the shell. The silicon is quality tested by a chemist to ensure the formula is to specifications in order to provide the helmet with the safety benefits it requires.

Who We Do It For:

The US motorcycle market includes over 9 million motorcycle riders, primarily males ranging from 25 to 55 years old. But we do it for all the riders who not only care about, first and foremost, Safety, but also those who want Style and Comfort. In short, we do it for you because we care about you and the joy of the ride.


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Founder, CEO

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