KIRSH Motorcycle Helmets Warranty Information

No motorcycle helmet can protect a user against all impacts. To provide maximum protection, you must choose a helmet size that fits your head.

To ascertain correct fit, check the following:

  • When the chinstrap is fastened and snug, a properly fit helmet will move your scalp as you try to move the helmet on your head.
  • A helmet that can rotate or move on your head in any other fashion does not fit you properly.
  • With the chinstrap fastened and snugly secure, please pull up at the center rear of the helmet. A properly fit helmet cannot be removed by pulling up at the center rear.

CAUTION!! – Never operate a motorcycle with a helmet that does not properly fit your head. 

The chin strap must always be fastened securely. Check periodically to see that any vibration has not caused the strap to loosen. Just give it a little tug to make sure it is still tight. Be sure to check the rivets on both sides of the helmet before riding. Visibly, check if they are rusted or in any condition that would limit or diminish their integrity.

CAUTION!! – Never operate a motorcycle with a helmet…1) using a chinstrap that does not pass this visual inspection. 2) that is not/cannot be properly fastened as described above.

Do not alter or modify the structure of the helmet or any of its component parts. Alteration or modification of the helmet in any way will void the warranty and may negatively impact the helmet’s protective capability.

Helmets are designed to protect the user from an impact by absorbing the energy from the impact. Damage from an impact can impair the helmet’s ability to protect the wearer. This damage may not be visible.

CAUTION!! – Never use a helmet that has sustained an impact of any sort, whether by dropping, a prior accident, or other collision.

Make sure the inner liner has no holes, lacerations, punctures, leaks, or any damage of any kind. Should this be the case, do not wear and simply return the damaged helmet to the manufacturer for replacement. To check for accuracy, please refer to the helmet shipped weight located on the back of the manual shipped with your helmet (actual helmet not to include box) and confirm it is the same by using a food/parcel scale. We recommend you check your helmet periodically for safety.

WARRANTY:  KIRSH Helmets warrants for two years, all product materials and workmanship when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The warranty does not include damage to the product as a result of misuse, abuse of the product, or normal wear and tear. KIRSH Helmets will provide a replacement part or product at its sole discretion. Purchaser must assume responsibility for the cost of shipping the product to KIRSH Helmets for service or inspection. Refer to owner’s manual before use and for instructions for proper care and maintenance of your KIRSH Helmet.

To complete and submit the warranty registration for your KIRSH product, either use the online form (see the right of the screen) OR submit a via mail (Form is included in your Helmet package), within 14 days of purchase a must accompany a copy of the sales/order receipt.

Address to:  KIRSH HELMETS,  251 State Street, Suite 201, Schenectady, NY 12305