KIRSH Motorcycle Helmets Care & Cleaning

We urge caution, as improper cleaning your motorcycle helmet may be damaging product and render it ineffective. Petroleum and petrochemical products, cleaning agents, paints, or adhesives may cause damage that is not visible.

    1. Use only mild soap and water to clean your motorcycle helmet.
    2. Clean the helmet interior and inner liner with a damp cloth and mild soap and water. Rinse with a damp cloth, and let dry naturally at room temperature.
    3.  No solutions containing bicarbonate or soda should be used for the helmet shell or for its liner.
    4. Never use wax or polish of any sort for the outer shell.
    5. High temperatures will damage the liner, as will strong solvents and gasoline products.
    7. Some household pets like to chew on helmet liners that accumulate salt from perspiration. It is a good idea to keep your helmet in a secure place when not in use.
    8. Store in a dry location away from heat and cold.
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