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The toughest, smallest, low-profile, DOT-approved helmet in the world–put your KIRSH on!



The Toughest, Smallest, DOT-Approved Helmet in the World!

Don’t sacrifice safety for style anymore. Our unique technology brings together Style, Safety, Comfort, and Improved Performance in one helmet, providing you the best riding experience possible.

Safety and Education

In a continued effort to bring our customers not only, The Toughest, Smallest, DOT-Approved Helmet in the World, we are now proving a safety and education section to our site. In this section (UNDER ABOUT ABOVE or CLICK BELOW), we will post up-to-date articles, news and general safety tips covering motorcycle sfety, laws, tips, etc.


Smallest low-profile, DOT- approved helmet in the world! A smaller and lighter helmet greatly reduces leverage and greatly improves  angular deceleration.


KIRSH Helmets' Fluid Displacement Liner™–our patented technology–is more efficient at handling kinetic energy created in the event of motor vehicle accidents.


Our unique Fluid Displacement Liner™ conforms particularly to the individual rider's head for extreme comfort and feel. Pulls heat off the head giving no need for ventilation.

Hey ya'll, we'll be attending the 2nd Annual


Saturday, October 20th & 21st

KIRSH Helmet's own Joe Catalino will be making the rounds at the event on Saturday. Be sure sure to meet up with Joe and card heck out the world's toughest, smallest DOT-Approved helmet in the world.


Low Profile...

This Compact, Lightweight Shell Contour and American-made product is not only the smallest on the market, it also provides durability and strength.


A unique silicone-fluid casing is a conductor that pulls heat off the head leaving no need for ventilation. Designed with you in mind—enjoy the ride!


Bringing the center of mass close to the skull eliminates the majority of wind-drag coefficient and provides the rider with the smoothest riding experience.


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