Motorcycle Helmet Sizing


The best way to choose a motorcycle helmet size is to start by measuring your head. Use a fabric or plastic measuring tape or a string and yardstick or ruler. Wrap the measuring tape or string around your head from a point about one inch above your eyebrows and keep the tape parallel to the surface you are standing on. It’s usually easiest to do this with the help of a friend.

To determine correct fit, check the following: 

  • When the chinstrap is fastened and snug, a properly fit motorcycle helmet will move your scalp as you try to move the helmet on your head.
  • A helmet that can rotate or move on your head in any other fashion does not fit you properly.
  • With the chinstrap fastened and snugly secure, please pull up at the center rear of the helmet. A properly fit helmet cannot be removed by pulling up at the center rear.


If you order a helmet and find that it does not meet the criteria above, contact Customer Service at 1-855-505-4774 so we can ensure you have the correct size helmet.