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CHM-1: American Pride


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CHM-1: American Pride

One of our best-selling designs, the CHM-1 American Pride is a head-turner no matter where you are.

A lean, tough, stylish, cool, and more effective motorcycle helmet. Every detail has been engineered with you in mind, from the outer shell that is more resistant to environmental degradation, to the high-tensile-strength, military-grade strap material selected for maximum comfort to the quick-release clip.

KIRSH Helmets: Offering Style, Comfort and Improved Performance like no other helmet.

  • This is a smaller, tougher DOT-Approved helmet!
  • Low-Profile: Sits low on the head…NO MUSHROOM HEAD!
  • This smaller helmet brings the center of mass close to the head virtually eliminating the wind-drag and providing the rider with the smoothest riding experience.
  • By cutting wind drag, there is no lift. (Most lighter helmets WILL LIFT because there is no substance to them.)
  • The MOST stable helmet on the market!
  • Hard Shell: Means the shell does not shatter like typical shells THAT ARE MEANT TO BREAK OPEN!
  • Reduces the chance of rotation angle injury in the event of an impact (the leading cause of brain injury).
  • Patented Fluid Displacement Liner™ Unlike EPS Foam that is highly ineffective on impacts.
  • Liner stays cool pulling heat away from the head.
  • Quick-release clip: simple on and off motion.
  • A relaxed fit liner means an extreme comfortable fitment.
  • Reflective DOT Labeling stands out in low light situations.
  • Use mild soap and water to clean: removable liner means a cleaner helmet (no stinky cloth or places for germs to live)

From the first moment you “PUT YOUR KIRSH ON” you will FEEL the difference and enjoy the ride.

Our Special Design Helmets offer the rider even MORE STYLE than before. These special designs come in a variety of prints and colors.  Check out what we have to offer for the 2022-23 riding season today. With our American Pride, American Onyx, Battle Worn, and Sons of Speed designs you’ll be sure to make a statement and standout!

Motorcycle riders nationwide are loving this KIRSH CHM-1. THE PROOF IS IN THE RIDE. Check out what customers are saying here.

It is KIRSH’s goal to ship in-stock helmets within 5 days from order receipt.  Please call or write to KIRSH for inquiries of helmet availability at 855-505-4774 or

Individual Helmet Weight: approx. 3.6lbs
Package Weight: approx. 5lbs