Cyber Show and Rally


The Cyber Show & Rally is a live video broadcast over multiple social media channels on Saturday, April 11th. Primarily the Cyber Rally is a way to give the motorcycle community a break from the current events. What it will be is a virtual motorcycle show and rally the likes of which has not been tried before. With our Emcee Jack Schit, we will visit all aspects of what people have come to enjoy at the large motorcycle rallies around the country.Through a live video conference environment, we will bring all the entertainers, bike show participants, exhibitors, etc. in five to ten-minute increments throughout the day. There is no cost, no hidden agenda except for the ability to keep our community focused on what makes this lifestyle cool. That and a small component where we will have a virtual tip jar for all the entertainers and rally workers who have been displaced by this situation. At the end of the Cyber Rally, we will split up any revenue collected for that purpose among the participants.

Please support our friends at the Cyber Show & Rally

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